Andrew Ede


Together with co-founder and fellow director Danny Godfrey, Andrew Ede set up eg technology in 2002. Having studied mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge, he enjoyed a 15-year career with Cambridge Consultants and PA Consulting, gaining a wealth of experience before gravitating towards managing larger mechanical and multi-disciplinary projects.

While he has particular expertise in microfluidics, diagnostics and novel manufacturing methods, it’s this broader view of the development process as a whole that excites him most.

“It’s all about the impact the finished product will have on the customer’s business,” he says. “As engineers, we love the challenge of solving interesting technical problems and getting innovative products onto the market, but the most important thing is the end goal of delivering something that's going to help them succeed.

“I'm proud of the creativity and technical expertise we possess, but what's just as important is that we really understand what matters to the client – whether that’s cost or timescale or technical performance – and adapt accordingly.”


Danny Godfrey


Like his co-founder and fellow director Andrew Ede, Danny Godfrey trained in mechanical engineering at the University of Cambridge, before embarking on a career that has included in-house positions at Nestlé and consultancy roles with Cambridge Design Partnership and PA Consulting.

Having seen how large design consultancies operate, he felt that there must be a better way to deliver high quality design and engineering services, and in Andrew Ede he found a kindred spirit.

“Big consultancies have massive overheads that put them out of reach of many, and they can be very impersonal and inflexible to deal with,” he explains. “We saw that there was an opportunity to offer the same level of design expertise, but at a lower cost and with greater flexibility.

“We’ve been very careful in who we recruit and we’ve managed to build a core team of highly skilled – and really nice – people. The collected knowledge and experience we hold is amazing. That’s really why people come to us – we have lots of experience in spotting risks and dealing with the uncertainties of product development. Our clients are often trying to do something completely new. It’s our job to combine innovation with approaches that we know will work.”


David Warwick

Head of Projects

Having originally studied computer systems engineering, David Warwick enjoyed a varied career with a succession of technology and medical device companies before joining eg technology. As Operations Manager at Astron Clinica, he was responsible the CE approval and 510(k) approval of all the company’s products, and he brings a wealth of experience to bear both in project management and as eg’s in-house medical device regulatory expert.

“We have so many different skills under one roof and we really enjoy taking on multi-disciplinary projects,” he says. “We work in so many different areas, and that involves being flexible and adapting our approach to suit the project. We see ourselves as a development partner to our clients, using our experience to help identify the requirements of the product, the process and the intended market.”


Helen Coppen

Quality and Office Manager

With extensive experience in implementing quality systems, improving process and managing change, Helen Coppen is eg technology’s quality guardian. A chemist by training, she moved quickly into management, first in the food industry then as Group Quality Manager for UK with household cleaning products manufacturer Jeyes Ltd. Subsequently, she worked with a number of software start-ups in and around Cambridge.

Helen has played a key role in eg technology’s growth and development, integrating the ISO 13485 quality system and the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) Business Excellence model into our everyday practices.

“ISO 13485 is a stamp of quality that gives our clients confidence that we have the correct controls, balances and documentation in place, but that’s only part of it,” she says. “Our focus is on being as effective and efficient as possible. That means being adaptable, open to feedback and constantly looking for ways we can improve.”


Our team

Providing integrated expertise in mechanical engineering, industrial design, electronics engineering, software development, project management and regulatory approval and certification, our dedicated team spans a wide range of disciplines.

We excel at working together, forming agile and responsive working groups that function as an extension of our clients’ project team.


Creative, energetic and enthusiastic, we are passionate about solving the technical problems standing in our clients’ way. We live and breathe our projects, constantly looking for innovative ways to achieve a better end product.


Scientists and technologists say they love working with us because we speak their language. We put great emphasis on clear, direct communication with our clients, quickly developing strong and effective working relationships.


Alongside their expertise, people skills and personality, our team’s greatest strength is their combined experience. Having seen so many projects through from start to finish, we know how to drive development forward smoothly and efficiently.

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Our clients tell us that we are very straightforward to work with and we enjoy long-lasting, successful working relationships as a result.

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