Human Factors

At eg technology, industrial design and mechanical engineering go hand in hand.

Our approach to industrial design - the human factors assessment, aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of a product - is firmly rooted in practical considerations. Cost, performance, ease of manufacture and regulatory requirements all feed into our creative process.

Creative flair

Thanks to this focused, pragmatic approach, we’re able to progress projects faster, quickly homing in on what will work in practice and discarding what won’t.

Our industrial designers bring creative flair and an analytical appreciation of the user experience to every project. We’re able to handle all aspects of industrial design, from the initial development of a visual identity through to the detailed design and specification of individual components.

Concept creation

User testing and prototyping play a key role, from concept sketches, 3D modelling and photo-realistic renderings through to rapid prototypes and production components.

We also undertake graphical user interface design, icon and logo design, and create product graphics, labelling, and packaging designs.

We're here to help

Our clients tell us that we are very straightforward to work with and we enjoy long-lasting, successful working relationships as a result.

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