Integrated approach

We bring the same methodical, integrated approach to software development as we do to mechanical, electronics and industrial design.

From embedded firmware and OS development to creating applications for PCs, mobile devices and web-enabled platforms, we deliver robust, reliable software that meets the requirements of functionality, cost and timescale.


Our software team contains a remarkable breadth of experience, spanning the consumer, medical and industrial sectors, with specialist expertise in image acquisition and analysis, embedded firmware, Bluetooth, 3D graphics, and User Interface design.

Agile software

Our refined agile software development processes meet the requirements of ISO 62304, delivering the documentation necessary to achieve CE marking and meet US regulatory requirements.

Beyond initial software design, we offer ongoing support, working to a continuous integration model of plan-design-implement-test, so that each planned release adds functionality, stability and performance.

We're here to help

Our clients tell us that we are very straightforward to work with and we enjoy long-lasting, successful working relationships as a result.

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