eg technology and SEHTA host Medical Devices Product Design & Development Webinar series

2nd June 2020

The design and development of medical devices can be a complex process and defining the initial steps is just the start. We have therefore used our extensive experience to create a series of educational webinars, in association with SEHTA, to share our knowledge and expertise. 

These webinars will give an overview of the spectrum of challenges associated with the design and development of medical devices, from the inception of the development programme to identifying user and product requirements and the practical applications of software development.

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10th June 

New Product Development – First things First

Join eg Co-founder and Director, Danny Godfrey as he discusses the key aspects of a successful product development programme, focusing on the most important, yet often overlooked factor – the user. 

You will learn:

  • The key things to consider from the outset of any development programme
  • The importance of putting the user first
  • How to obtain useful user insights
  • How to leverage those insights to make a better product

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16th June

Defining User and Product Specifications During Product Development

Join Kella Kapnisi, one of eg technology’s project managers, as she shares her experience and best practice of writing User Requirement Specifications and Product Requirement Specifications. She will discuss their importance within the product development process, how they differ and more importantly, how to define them. This webinar will close with an interactive quiz!

You will learn

  • The definition of the URS and PRS and how they differ
  • What the standards ask for
  • Where the URS and PRS sit in the product design and development process
  • Writing the URS and PRS – best practice
  • Things to watch out for

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23rd June

Software Design for Medical Devices

Join eg Director, David Warwick, as he provides a detailed look at some practical applications of the software development processes and what it actually means for engineers. David will also talk through medical device classification, international standards and the role of IEC 62304. 

You will learn:

  • What makes software development different
  • Best practice: development, testing & updates 
  • Structuring software development in practice
  • How to limit the scope of large software projects
  • How to maintain flexibility to update without major retesting/resubmission
  • Maintenance considerations, including decomposition of safety critical items
  • What regulators are worried about

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