Our Disciplines

We have everything you need and all under one roof. Our industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics engineering, software engineering and project management all work seamlessly to take your product from start to finish.

Industrial design

Our approach to industrial design – the human factors assessment, aesthetics, ergonomics and usability of a product – is firmly rooted in practical considerations. Cost, performance, ease of manufacture and regulatory requirements all feed into our creative process.

Our industrial designers bring creative flair and an analytical appreciation of the user experience to every project. We’re able to handle all aspects of industrial design, from the initial development of a visual identity through to the detailed design and specification of individual components.

User testing and prototyping play a key role, from concept sketches, 3D modelling and photo-realistic renderings through to rapid prototypes and production components.

We also undertake graphical user interface design, icon and logo design, and create product graphics, labelling, and packaging designs.

Software engineering

From embedded firmware and OS development to creating applications for PCs, mobile devices and web-enabled platforms, we deliver robust, reliable software that meets the requirements of functionality, cost and timescale.

Our software team contains a remarkable breadth of experience, spanning the consumer, medical and industrial sectors, with specialist expertise in image acquisition and analysis, embedded firmware, Bluetooth, 3D graphics and User Interface design.

Our refined agile software development processes meet he requirements of ISO 62304, delivering the documentation necessary to achieve CE marking and meet US regulatory requirements. Beyond initial software design, we offer ongoing support, working to a continuous integration model of plan-design-implement-test, so that each planned release adds functionality, stability and performance.

Mechanical design

Our experienced engineers make sure that every product delivers the performance and durability required, and, importantly, can be manufactured at the desired cost.

Reducing risk and controlling cost are key priorities, and rigorous analysis and testing are built into our systematic design process. From stress, tolerance and mechanical analysis to proof-of-principle, alpha and beta prototyping, we leave nothing to chance.

Our mechanical engineers have specialist knowledge in areas that include microfluidics, thermal management and skills for medical device design.

Electronics design

Our team of talented electronics engineers have experience in a wide range of market sectors including consumer products, industrial automation, portable communications and medical devices. We undertake analogue and digital electronic design from system-level specifications down to detailed component-level circuit design.

Whether starting from scratch or developing an existing prototype for transfer to manufacture, we’re adept at assessing problems and delivering solutions that meet cost, performance and regulatory requirements. We work as an extension to our clients’ expertise to undertake specific electronics work, or with our own engineers as part of a total development.

No single element of a product can be considered in isolation, and this is especially true of the electronics, where mechanical constraints, software integration, user requirements and the eventual working environment all influence design decisions.

Our integrated development process means that whether we’re designing the whole device or just the electronics, these factors feed into every decision-making stage, reducing risk, time to market and, ultimately, overall cost.

You can view the members of our team who work within our project design engineering disciples by visiting the Meet the Team page.

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