Why eg

We know how to make things work. Our engineers have amazing problem-solving skills that enable us to achieve the remarkable by taking clever ideas, and using the right technology, turn them into real, working products. We put a complete, proven product development process at your disposal, providing the experience, the people and the systems necessary to take new products from concept through to transfer to manufacture. 


Innovation at eg technology doesn’t just mean we invent exciting new products. It also means that we understand and can adapt to any changes required for each individual product development process. We use the right technology to solve each design problem and we combine personnel, resources, infrastructure and processes necessary to deliver a complete, integrated design service with a flexible, adaptable approach, and we have the capabilities and experience to handle projects of all sizes. 


The breadth and depth of experience at eg is outstanding and it’s all under one roof. We excel in seamlessly connecting our disciplines of industrial design, mechanical, software and electronics engineering. We’ve built a talented team of exceptional individuals with a strong understanding of each other’s skills. By developing a culture of continuous communication and co-operation, we are able to work faster, find smarter solutions and provide a flexible and responsive service to our clients. 

Proven results

We make our clients’ ideas work and we make them work well. We deliver great results because we understand work in partnership and put our expertise entirely at our client’s disposal. We’re not tied to any particular technology or manufacturing capability which enables us to choose and design the best technology for the project in hand. 

We add value by delivering all, or just a critical part, of your product development requirements, and because we have the right people with the right skills, our expertise will enable you to get your product to market on time and in budget.

What our clients say...

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