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Sylex Fiber Optics

Sylex is a leading European manufacturer of fiber optic sensing solutions for the civil and geological engineering market. The company’s fiber Bragg grating sensors are designed to monitor critical factors such strain, load, displacement and pressure, as well as vibration, soil deformation and temperature, in bridges, dams, tunnels and buildings.

Mechanical Engineering

Laboratory & Test Equipment

"We are very happy with the work that eg did for us. We are already using the rig to improve the validation process for our optical sensors and as a result increase customer satisfaction."

Peter Löwy, Sylex Fiber Optics

Our Approach

Sylex approached eg technology to develop a new strain sensor calibration rig, with the twin aims of achieving greater accuracy and automating the process of measurement and data capture.

The Process

Meeting Sylex’s requirement of establishing accurate measurement to an order of magnitude better than the quoted performance of 0.5ppm required all of eg technology’s mechanical engineering expertise. Our engineers developed a completely novel calibration rig that could deliver accurate, repeatable measurements over a wide travelling range.


A universal mounting system with interchangeable sensor holders made sure the calibration bench was flexible and easy to use. Our engineers also designed in measures to combat interference from vibration, compression or temperature changes in the apparatus itself.

The Result

Having designed and built the calibration rig, eg technology arranged for the equipment to be successfully certified by a UKAS test house. It is now used by Sylex to verify all strain and displacement sensors, giving customers additional confidence and peace of mind.

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