"We were very impressed with eg’s innovative and creative approach to solving complexities around the design and functionality of the IMOS. We were extremely happy with the end product and look forward to working with eg technology in the future”

Wladyslaw Wygnanski, Director

Our approach

Camcon Medical Ltd approached eg technology to develop the software and algorithms to detect breathing patterns and manage oxygen supply, to create the electronic fail-safe mechanisms and to design the casing for their valve technology.

The Technology

The IMOS system needed electronics to control the operation of the valve and to switch between two modes of operation, delivering either via a face mask or a nasal cannula.

The challenge

The most challenging aspect was considering the variability of people when it came to detecting breathing patterns, which can change very quickly. eg technology’s software design continually monitors pressure levels to detect the end of an inhalation and close the valve. As soon as a new breath is detected, the valve is immediately opened to restart oxygen delivery to the patient.

The design

The casing design needed to be portable and lightweight so that it could be attached to a wheelchair or bedside. The simplicity of the casing makes it robust and suitable for the environment that it will be used in.

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