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Carclo commissioned eg technology to design and prototype exemplar products to show the potential of their flexible circuit technology. These needed to demonstrate the breadth of possibilities which could be delivered by the circuits which include sensing, printed antennae, 3D circuit form and mounting of small and large electronic component package sizes.


One of the implementations that eg technology identified was a patient compliance monitor for a metered dose inhaler. This connected technology addresses the complex problem of monitoring compliance proving both dose intervals and actuation.


This product implemented a TI Bluetooth LE chip including a printed antenna and printed battery contacts. The MDI detects actuation of the dose canister fitted inside the 3D form of an inhaler and generates a timestamp which can be downloaded over a wireless data link at the clinic.


3D CAD was generated for the devices and technology demonstrators were sucessfully built to show the function of the electronics. The flexible circuit technology has now been acquired and is being exploited by a third party.

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