Our Approach

Medical researchers at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge wanted to develop a faster, more intuitive way for consultants to examine completed MRI scans. Their idea was to create an interface that mimics the handheld probe of an ultrasound scanner, allowing doctors to directly control the image being display as if scanning a real patient.

The Process

Cambridge Enterprise, the subsidiary of the University of Cambridge responsible for the commercialisation of the University’s discoveries and innovations, asked eg technology to develop the MRI Mouse.

3D Space

Our cross-disciplinary team was responsible for the patented mechanical and electrical design of the device, which closely imitates the familiar grip and motion of an ultrasound scanner. Working in parallel, our embedded software development team used the position, orientation and yaw of the MRI Mouse to calculate absolute positioning in a 3D space.

The Result

The MRI Mouse allows direct real-time manipulation of volumetric MRI image data, allowing the user to ‘feel’ their way through scans. A series of fully working prototypes were produce and are currently in use in the MRI ward at Addenbrooke’s Hospital. The device has been shown to potential investors and is currently undergoing further iterative development.

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