"The Orion Enuresis monitor is very exciting as it will allow us to accurately monitor a child's progress, speeding up treatment and reducing the pressure on parents to keep accurate paper records."

Enuresis Nurse

Our Approach

The Orion Enuresis Monitor is being developed by eg technology Ltd. We are an innovative and creative product design company who provide a professional engineering design service taking a project from concept through to transfer to manufacturer.

The Orion Monitor

The Orion bedside monitor is cleverly designed to look and function like an alarm clock, reducing the risk of embarrassment and stigma that often surrounds prolonged bed wetting. It features a sound and light alarm which is wirelessly triggered within a second of the sensor becoming wet for quick and effective results. A seven-day wet/dry history is available on the device at the click of a button and up to a year's history can be downloaded at the enuresis clinic via USB, enabling effective specialist support.

The Sensor

The sensor attaches to the child's nightwear with a simple clip action. It detects urine in milliseconds, wirelessly triggering the alarm in less than a second. The sensor is completely sealed and washable ensuring hygiene and durability. It can be recharged in just a few minutes be placing it in a dock at the back of the Orion monitor.

Why Orion?

The alarm is both a sound and light alarm promoting an accepted behavior modification method in an unobtrusive design. There is both full alarm clock functionality and hidden enuresis data on the monitor.

It has a wireless sensor so there is no risk of strangulation and is more comfortable, decreasing risk of user rejection.

The system includes data logging with USB download storing over one year of data. There are no worries about keeping written progress records.

Having been designed in conjunction with enuresis specialists, the sensor is fully sealed and washable.

Our process

Our rigorous ISO 13485-accredited process is designed to manage risk, cost and time, with quality management and accountability built into every stage.

BSI certificate