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ANGLE is a specialist medical diagnostic company with pioneering products in the field of cancer diagnostics. Their Parsortix cell separation system is based around a unique microfluidic technique for isolating rare cells from whole blood samples. It’s capable of capturing circulating tumour cells (CTCs) at concentrations as low as one CTC per billion healthy cells.

CTCs are the mechanism by which cancer spreads through the body, so improving detection and analysis has big implications for cancer research, diagnosis and treatment. eg technology was tasked with developing ANGLE’s patented technology into a functioning device that addresses the needs of the research market – the Parsortix instrument.

Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Software Engineering

Medical & Diagnostic

"eg’s work was instrumental in automating the Parsortix system so that patient blood can be processed efficiently using ANGLE’s patented Parsortix technology to capture CTCs. This was a major step forward in bringing the Parsortix technology to market."

Andrew Newland, ANGLE plc

Our approach

The Parsortix instrument uses a disposable cassette to trap the CTCs in the blood sample. Once held in place, the cells can then be stained with dye for the counting and identification under a microscope or recovered from the cassette for external molecular analysis.

Achieving this finished product, which is CE-approved for use as an in vitro diagnostic device, required eg technology’s breadth of expertise, ranging across microfluidics, software development, mechanical engineering and industrial design.

The Process

Our integrated product development process also included identifying an appropriate manufacturing partner (Cogent Technology Ltd) and completing the product’s transfer to manufacture


The Parsortix system offers the prospect of personalised medicine, with drugs and other treatments selected specifically to address the individual patient, lowering the cost of treatment and delivering better patient outcomes.

The Result

The system is already in use in a number of leading centres including CRUK Manchester and the Medical Research Council Cancer Unit at the University of Cambridge.This unit is a Research use only instrument that is not for clinical diagnosis.

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