"egt’s multidisciplinary team synergised with CFT’s scientists and engineers to develop a highly innovative solution and an excellent product. At CFT we are delighted with the system."

Dr Paul Heaney - CEO

A collaborative approach

This was a truly collaborative project in which CFT and egt brought complimentary skill sets to the process, collaborating on a holistic approach.

The Technology

CFT, an innovative life science and clinical diagnostics company, has developed a low-cost micro capillary film technology (MCF) that possesses unique optical & fluidic properties yet is easily mass-manufactured. The parallel array of 10 x 200 micron capillaries enables fully quantitative, high-sensitivity, multiplexed immunoassays for use in the point of care clinical diagnostics market

The disposable cartridge

The cartridge incorporates sample introduction, reagent storage and the MCF in a single-use disposable. The design includes unique fluidics and mechanics to perform all required assay steps

The PICA analyser

The PICA analyser remains simple whilst automatically operating the cartridge. It also includes an imaging system that makes use of the MCF optical properties. The user interface guides the operator through the steps to load the cartridge and then reports on the assay progress.

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