Primo Ultrasound Unit

EMS Physio

EMS Physio Ltd has been a leading supplier of physiotherapy products for over 85 years. EMS offers its Primo ultrasound, stimulation and combination therapy units in a common casework.

However, in a highly competitive market, where some of EMS's larger, multinational competitors had recently introduced stylish new products, the Primo range was starting to look outdated. EMS commissioned eg technology to re-energise the Primo units with a more appealing design that would strengthen their market position.

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

Medical & Diagnostic

"It is a pleasure to work with the team at eg technology and I have been impressed by their understanding of the project concept, the needs and the implementation of a practical solution."

James Greenham, EMS Physio

Our Approach

eg started by meeting with a number of physiotherapists to understand the way in which the devices are used. This user insight drove the development of a new aesthetic concept, further developed through initial rendered sketches, followed by CAD surface models and computer-rendered photorealistic visualisations.


Foam, plaster and sterolithography models were made over the course of the detailed design phase to ensure comfortable ergonomics of the transducer handle and the precise fit and function of the Primo casework parts.


eg produced all of the detailed manufacturing documentation required to ensure seamless and rapid transfer to manufacture, using an established tool maker and moulding partner from our network of suppliers.

The Result

EMS Physio successfully launched the new Primo range of physiotherapy equipment and feedback from their distributors, customers and even some competitors has been excellent. Sales are expected to have increased jump considerably and the reinvigorated design represents a new chapter for EMS Physio.

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