Sensipod ELISA Test Analyser

Avacta Animal Health

Avacta Animal Health is a UK-based diagnostic company providing laboratory services and innovative point-of-care technology to veterinary practices. Having offered the market-leading Sensitest range of allergy tests since 2009, Avacta had developed a working prototype of a new product, the Sensipod in-clinic analyser for veterinary practices. The prototype was functional, but further work was required to make it look and feel like a finished product.

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering


"We were very happy with the work that eg did and would work with them again without hesitation."

Alastair Smith, Avacta Animal Health

Our Approach

eg technology were tasked with designing the casework that would house and protect the internal sub-assembly responsible for processing enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) tests. The casework also needed to incorporate a touchscreen user interface and test sample loading drawer.


In addition to these functional, structural and mechanical requirements, Avacta were seeking a striking and meaningful aesthetic that could be taken forward into a future family of products.


eg worked with the team at Avacta to develop the Sensipod casework in keeping with the brand aesthetic. With time, cost and batch constraints taken into account, reaction injection moulding (RIM) was the obvious choice for the manufacturing process. This meant the casework form, colours and surface textures could be carefully chosen and tailored for the RIM process.

The Result

The end result was an attractive single-piece casework moulding that was rapidly transferred to manufacture with an established RIM partner. The Sensipod is available directly from Avacta.

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