Smart Home Monitoring


AlertMe is a Cambridge-based company that offers intelligent home security and energy saving services, allowing homeowners to monitor their property and energy consumption via the web and their mobile phone. This innovative service is implemented using a multi-component kit that covers a wide range of applications and can be completely scaled to the needs of the home.

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

Consumer Products

Our Approach

To power the ongoing development of AlertMe's capabilities, new and improved products had to be specified, developed and brought to market quickly. New additions were required to conform to existing styling, meet consumer electronics regulations in the UK, EU and USA, and above all be easy and intuitive to install and use.

eg technology worked closely with the AlertMe team to explore potential new additions to the product range, then fully develop the industrial, electronic, hardware and mechanical designs.


Our integrated service extended right through to transfer to manufacture by reliable third parties in the Far East, and a key priority throughout was to ensure that the finished products could be reliably manufactured in high volumes without complications.


To date, eg technology has developed more than 10 products in the AlertMe range, along with the associated packaging. Products designed by eg technology for AlertMe have been recognised by a Design Week Award and a Shell Springboard award.


In 2015, British Gas acquired AlertMe to spearhead their connected homes initiative in the UK and worldwide, in a deal worth £65m ($100m).

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