SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder


SureFlap is an established market leader in the pet industry, selling a range of smart cat flaps and pet doors. By detecting an animal’s identification microchip or RFID collar, they the doors will only open for the right pet, keeping unwanted visitors out.

SureFlap approached eg technology to help develop a selective pet feeder. Relying on the same RFID technology, the device was to feature an airtight food compartment that would only open for the authorised pet, keeping the food fresh and the smell contained. The new product would allow owners to monitor and control food consumption, while making sure that special foods or medication could only be eaten by the correct pet.

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Our Approach

eg technology worked with SureFlap’s Dr Nick Hill and his team for 18 months to design and develop the SureFeed. The project initially focused on the industrial design of the feeder and the layout of the various components.


The design had to combine form with function, locating the RFID electronics in a way that didn’t interfere with comfortable feeding. Photorealistic visualisations and physical prototypes allowed the aesthetic design to be signed off, after which our industrial design and mechanical engineering teams addressed the challenges of sealing the bowl, operating the door, integrating the RFID coil and laying out the internal components.


eg technology worked closely with SureFlap and their manufacturing partners every step of the way to the finished product, using local prototyping companies regularly to validate components, assemblies and mechanisms.

The Result

A revolutionary product for the pet industry, the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is now being sold successfully around the world.

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