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The initial concept for the Wessex Medical Ventouse came from Sam George and Alasdair Gordon, two clinicians at Ealing Hospital in London, in response to the low success rate of ventouse-assisted infant deliveries. They felt that both the design of existing ventouses and the way they are used could be improved. Wessex Medical has the licensed the right to develop and exploit George and Gordon’s concept was licenced and employed eg technology engaged to develop the new device.

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering

Medical & Diagnostic

"We selected eg because they seemed to be the most pragmatic and focused of the companies that we had discussed the project with. They did not let us down. At every stage they offered practical solutions and a workable programme – always a priority when you are a smaller company. They consistently delivered on time and came up with really innovative ideas and solutions to deliver for us."

Sarah Smith, Wessex Medical

Our approach

The Wessex Medical Ventouse needed to be easy to use, cheap to make and, above all, reliable and safe, and that’s exactly what we achieved. The design incorporates a unique soft cup which can be inserted easily and conforms to a range of head sizes. It also features an innovative method of evacuating air to apply vacuum without requiring an external pump.

The Process

The soft cup reduces the risk of trauma to both mother and baby and increases success rates due to reduced suction failure. In the event that the cup does become detached, the Isis can be re-applied because it does not leave any ridges or deformities on the infant’s scalp.

Success Rates

The cup only applies a high level of vacuum to the baby’s head during a contraction, with only minimal pressure exerted during rest periods, lowering the risk of damage.

The Result

Having completed the design and transfer to manufacture, eg technology also assisted with the successful CE-marking of the Wessex Medical Ventouse device. Isis The company is currently seeking market evaluation partners for the device, with high hopes that it will increase the reliability and safety of assisted infant delivery.

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