Our approach

The VivoSight’s patented technology allows clinicians to examine the epidermis and superficial dermis layers of the skin with unprecedented resolution. However, the ergonomics and aesthetics of the device showed significant room for improvement.

Michelson Diagnostics asked eg technology to undertake a detailed redesign of the product trolley and enclosure, including the assembly methodology of the functional elements of the VivoSight OCT system. Working in partnership with Michelson, our first task was to understand how the product was being used and how it could be improved.

Human Factors

Detailed and methodical human factors research, drawing data from dermatologists currently using the system revealed that, while technical functionality was very important, the softer side of the user and patient experience could be dramatically improved.

Concept Creation

Our design team used this information to create a range of aesthetic concepts for the enclosure to ensure that the mobility, storage and use of the new system accurately reflected the user requirements.

The Result

Several design options were developed until a final concept was approved and detailed to make it ready for manufacture. Michelson successfully launched the VivoSight Dx, targeting a wider range of clinical applications beyond dermatology.

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