"It is never easy to integrate the conflicting requirements of biochemistry, electrochemistry and engineering in any project, but I was very impressed with the breadth of capabilities eg brought to the project. Close integration with the team here at Vantix led to a smooth and efficient interface."

Andy Gover, Vantix Diagnostics

Our Approach

When Vantix wanted to enter the research market with a new device that would make their technology available to other companies in the field, they approached eg technology.

Our Process

We worked closely with the team at Vantix to develop the Vantix Research Tool (VR2), a biosensor assay device that provides the ability to test, develop and demonstrate assays in real time.

Open Access

The VR2 is an open-access, 12-channel device, with an easy-to-use reader system that delivers a real sample to result in minutes. eg designed the VR2’s electronics, embedded software, bluetooth comms and enclosure, and also managed the transfer to manufacture.

The Result

The VR2 is available to buy direct from Vantix. This revolutionary device is applicable in many fields including clinical analysis, environmental monitoring and food quality control.

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