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Following the success of the 2020 Innovation Voucher Award, won by Mr Ryan Mathew and Dr Heiko Wurdak for their Mini-brain benchtop test, eg technology and Health Enterprise East (HEE) are pleased to announce, not one, but two joint winners of this year’s Innovation Voucher Award.

Having received numerous applications covering a fascinating range of emerging medical technologies, this year’s award goes to two innovations that presented outstanding solutions that could potentially revolutionise patient care.

Dr Ryan Seguna and Dr Jurgen Herre, have developed an innovative solution that aims to deliver safer procedures during the removal of fluid or air from around the lungs or abdomen. The Innovation Voucher will go towards refining the design to enable the manufacture of prototypes for further testing.

Also in receipt of the award, are Mr Andrew Hindmarch and Dr Gareth Corbett who have designed a solution for aerosol reduction to mitigate the risk of cross-infection from aerosol-generating procedures. This is particularly important during a pandemic and when operating on patients with other infectious diseases, that can be transmitted by aerosolisation. The Innovation Voucher will go towards conceptualising the invention through ideation workshops and producing concept drawings which will be the foundation for ongoing development.

eg technology, a Cambridge-based design engineering and development consultancy specialise in taking medical and diagnostic devices from concept to industrialisation. They will work with both winners and their teams to develop and progress their ideas through the Innovation Voucher, designed to reward and support the most novel ideas in MedTech innovation.

eg technology Associate Director, Rouzet Agaiby, said “We are extremely excited to be working with both winners to develop their concepts. Each project demonstrates a unique innovation and could make a direct difference to how patients are treated. We specialise in bridging the gap between clinical innovation and market-ready products and so are proud to sponsor the Innovation Voucher and are grateful for our partnership with HEE, through which we will continue to support clinicians realise their innovations.

Commenting on the Innovation programme, Karen Law from HEE added “It is great to continue our work with partners such as eg technology, who recognise the importance of supporting innovations from the ground upwards. Accessing critical funds and technical expertise is vital for the success of any early-stage development, making supporting such high calibre technologies in this way via the Innovation Vouchers a truly rewarding endeavour”.

Ryan Seguna states, “We are very grateful to be awarded this opportunity of working with eg technology. We believe that the expertise and knowledge of eg technology will provide us with the best chance to further develop our concept and potentially realise our innovation which aims to make a significant difference to patient safety during thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures”.

We feel extremely fortunate to be awarded the Innovation Voucher and have the opportunity to benefit from the expertise and experience of the eg technology team. The requirement for a solution for aerosolisation during procedures is more relevant now than ever and with the support of HEE and eg technology, we are moving a step closer to achieving our goal.

Andrew Hindmarsh

About eg technology

eg technology is a product engineering design and development specialist based in Cambridge. We have extensive experience within the MedTech sector, ranging from microfluidics and diagnostics to surgical instruments and lateral flow. Our engineers are highly skilled, in taking devices from concept through to transfer to manufacture. Specialising in electronics, software and mechanical engineering, industrial design, human factors, project management and quality assurance, eg technology is ISO 13485 accredited. We provide our clients with the compliance to standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability. Our team are able to provide an integrated solution for those who require the expertise to bridge the gap between innovation and a market-ready product.


Health Enterprise East (HEE) is a technology consultancy that specialises in healthcare innovation and believes in improving healthcare through technology and innovation. They work with the NHS, academia, medical technology industry and government organisations to help turn innovative ideas into products and services that will benefit patients.

The experienced team at HEE offers clients a diverse range of business and innovation management services. Their strengths include IP management, technology commercialisation, health economics and strategic market access advice.

Based in Cambridge, HEE work with 20 NHS organisations nationally and MedTech companies globally. Their aim is to help our clients address the challenges faced along the product development pathway, connecting them with relevant healthcare experts and funding opportunities.

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