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Medical Device Design & Development

Create safe, compliant and reliable medical devices to maximise commercial viability.

Maximise device usability, minimise development risk

In MedTech, patient safety is the top priority. Taking a medical device from concept to manufacture in such a heavily regulated industry presents many challenges, and these are amplified if you lack sufficient domain knowledge, technical expertise or product development experience.

As an ISO 13485 accredited consultancy, we’ve been designing and developing medical devices for over two decades. This includes hospital and surgical equipment, point-of-care diagnostics and consumer healthcare products, including technology for drug delivery.

Healthcare organisations, medical professionals and researchers trust us to deliver products which are not only compliant, reliable and functional, but also integrate into existing clinical pathways.

Our engineers have deep expertise across the range of diagnostic and surgical technologies in every MedTech domain, including the emerging fields of FemTech and SportsTech.

A solution for every medical device challenge

Whether you are a start-up looking to bring a groundbreaking medical device to market, or an established company seeking to evolve your product offerings – or gain that crucial FDA compliance, CE marking, or UKCA marking – we can help.

Our engineers and designers can leverage their experience from a broad range of healthcare, consumer and industrial sectors to solve your medical device problem.

Healthcare companies call on our knowledge of MedTech, our expertise in designing medical devices, and our experience in providing an end-to-end development process.

Solving your problems with a multi-disciplinary approach

Our engineers have extensive experience across disciplines, developing customised solutions to take devices from concept to transfer for manufacture. We bring together expertise in industrial design, mechanical engineering, electronics, software development, and usability engineering.

This diverse skillset allows us to tackle complex challenges and deliver innovative solutions across a wide range of MedTech areas, including diagnostic devices, drug delivery, wearable technology, and digital health solutions.

Compliance for your medical device

As an ISO 13485 accredited medical device development consultancy, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and regulatory requirements of the MedTech industry, including FDA compliance, CE marking, and UKCA marking.

We can help you navigate this complex regulatory landscape with a meticulous approach to compliance.

Five successful outcomes for your device development

The benefits of an accredited medical device development consultancy with over two decades’ experience include:

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Other Expertise

Working with eg technology has significantly increased our work efficiency, both now and in the future. We were able to describe our application and trust the team at eg to define specifications, develop concepts, and deliver a prototype. This allowed our team to focus on our own areas of strength.

Genome Research Ltd | The Wellcome Sanger InstituteOmer Bayraktar

I had the privilege to work with the eg team, albeit for a short period of time. We had requested a review of our design which the eg team did diligently and highlighted key areas for design updates. It is wonderful to meet a company who not only understand how to design products that address patient safety but are also able to communicate the design thinking behind it. I look forward to working with eg again in the future.

CNS Therapy, AGMarc Mathys, President

It is never easy to integrate the conflicting requirements of biochemistry, electrochemistry and engineering in any project, but I was very impressed with the breadth of capabilities eg technology brought to the project. Close integration with the team here at Vantix led to a smooth and efficient interface.

Vantix DiagnosticsAndy Gover, Director

eg technology delivered an injection of creativity and consumer product know-how that we, as a technology start-up, couldn’t provide in-house. We had the technology and an idea of how we wanted the hardware to work, but eg technology took these elements and turned them into a desirable consumer product that we were able to successfully take to market.

Cambridge Temperature ConceptsDr Oriane Chausiaux, Director

We wanted to create the ultimate robotics camera control panel that is both affordable and easy to use. Our collaboration with the team at eg technology has delivered a solution that undoubtedly provides the simplest way for any producer to be able to consistently engage their audience with great, repeatable viewing experiences.

Vinten RadamecKaren Walker, Director

We were very happy with the work that eg technology did and would work with them again without hesitation.

Avacta Animal HealthAlastair Smith, Director

We are very happy with the work that eg technology did for us. We are already using the rig to improve the validation process for our optical sensors and as a result increase customer satisfaction.

Sylex Fiber OpticsPeter Löwy, Director

We selected eg technology because they seemed to be the most pragmatic and focused of the companies that we had discussed the project with. They did not let us down. At every stage they offered practical solutions and a workable programme – always a priority when you are a smaller company. They consistently delivered on time and came up with really innovative ideas and solutions to deliver for us.

Wessex MedicalSarah Smith, Director

eg technology’s work was instrumental in automating the Parsortix system so that patient blood can be processed efficiently using ANGLE’s patented Parsortix technology to capture CTCs. This was a major step forward in bringing the Parsortix technology to market.

Angle PlcAndrew Newland, Director