We are a product design, engineering and development specialist based in Cambridge UK. We create the next generation of medical devices and consumer products, making a positive difference to how people live.

Design innovation, delivered  

We are proud to call ourselves innovative product designers. We have a great track record of delivering inspiring and marketable products across a wide range of market sectors. From start-ups to blue chip companies, we work on everything from medical devices to consumer products including; wearable tech, diagnostics, robotics, machine learning, sensors - and more.

Integrated Development

We know how to make things work. Our engineers have amazing problem-solving skills that enable us to achieve the remarkable by taking clever ideas and, using the right technology, turn them into real, working products. We put a complete, proven product development process at your disposal and provide you with the experience, people and systems necessary to take new products from concept through to transfer to manufacture. We also work within an ISO 13485 framework to prepare medical devices for compliance with standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability.

Our Work

Whether we’re designing a low-cost, disposable item or a complex, fully functional product or device, we ensure that every project we undertake follows a finely tuned development process. This has been designed and refined to manage risk, time and cost, enabling us to deliver the products that our clients want in the most efficient and innovative way.

What Our Clients Say...