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Angle PLC - Parsortix Instrument


Angle PLC




ANGLE is a specialist medical diagnostic company with pioneering products in the field of cancer diagnostics. Their intellectual property revolves around the methodology of capturing very rare circulating tumour cells (CTCs) in cancer cells from a whole blood sample. The vision was to use a simple blood test to enable the isolation of CTCs for characterisation, investigation of mutations in the patient’s cancer and targeted therapy, therefore enabling personalised cancer care, improving the use of cancer treatment and increasing the rate of recovery.

The Project

ANGLE plc approached eg technology with a concept for capturing very rare circulating tumour cells in blood samples. ANGLE wanted to find a way to automate their ParsortixTM cell separation system so that patient blood samples could be processed efficiently.

ANGLE commissioned eg technology to realise this concept and produce an accurate, efficient automated system ready for manufacture. We worked with Angle plc to develop their patented technology into a functioning device that addresses the needs of the research market – the ParsortixTM instrument.


Our Results

To achieve this finished product, which is CE-approved for use as an in vitro diagnostic device, eg technology’s design team were able to use their expertise in fluidics, software development, mechanical engineering, regulatory compliance and transfer to manufacture to develop a system that reliably processes blood samples effectively and efficiently.

The design team was instrumental in enabling ANGLE’s vision to become a reality and the ParsortixTM cell separation device was successfully brought to market for clinical use. The ParsortixTM technology has the potential to transform the way cancer is diagnosed, managed and treated. This system is already being used in a number of leading cancer research centres in the UK.

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