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User-Centred Design: the key to developing successful medical devices

“User-centred design involves more than simply designing a product with the end-user in mind.”

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There has been a cross-industry movement over the past few years towards customer/user-centricity, whether this is in sales, marketing, retail or product design and development. However, usability is not a new concept and as relatively late adopters of this movement, the MedTech sector has had much catching up to do. So, how important are human factors and usability to your development?

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In this eBook, we share the development pathway we use to deliver MedTech products that are inherently safe by design and enhance the user experience, whilst meeting regulatory requirements and commercial needs. Download now and you can tap into our established, well-documented user-centric design processes that can be integrated into your own development programmes.

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We are a product engineering development company based in Cambridge, UK. Originally founded in 2002 by Andrew Ede and Danny Godfrey (the E and the G of eg technology), the company has grown organically and profitably and is now a thriving company with almost 40 employees. Our vision is to continue to grow and to become the chosen product development company by clients and employees alike.