Case Study

Developing the AlphaCore⁵ patient warming system for Inspiration Healthcare Group plc


Part of the Inspiration Healthcare Group – a global provider of medical technology for use in critical care & operating theatres with a focus on neonatal care – the Inspiration Healthcare Ltd mission is to provide high-quality innovative products to patients and caregivers around the world that help to improve patient outcomes and efficiencies of healthcare organisations with patient-focused customer service and technical support.

The Challenge

Inspiration Healthcare Ltd approached eg technology with the challenge of redesigning their legacy patient warming system. They specified a low power, multi-channel unit, so multiple products could be run from the device simultaneously. The device needed to have a smaller battery, be backwards compatible, portable, have improved usability, modern aesthetics and an optimised user interface. Regulatory compliance, and as such, failsafe measures were key, as were reduced production costs and optimisation for higher volume manufacture.

Portable, low-power, multi-channel unit with improved aesthetics & user interface | compliant to ISO 13485, ISO 14971, IEC 60601 & IEC 62304 | reduced production costs & optimisation for higher volume manufacture

Our Approach

Our engineers investigated the conceptual design of the device and explored a variety of potential solutions, working up photorealistic renders into embodiments of a five-channel controller. Our engineers considered the technological challenges of balancing battery power and size, whilst maintaining portability and safety. We implemented a colour touchscreen as part of a substantial upgrade to the user interface. We took a phased approach and developed prototypes of the proposed solution, for full testing prior to tooling and supported transfer to manufacture. Our team were fully integrated into the product’s life cycle – from inception to launch – creating a complete support package for the client. We remained flexible & completely responsive to the client’s needs.

Our Results

We were successful in creating AlphaCore⁵ – a compact, convenient and complete unit, which fully met Inspiration Healthcare’s specifications. Our engineers redesigned the casework to incorporate modern styling and we implemented a simple touchscreen interface, with a user-selectable range of 25-40°C. We developed the software and hardware concurrently and implemented key compliance features such as an alarm and safety processor. The five-channel control meant that several warming accessories could be connected simultaneously. The battery size was reduced, creating a lightweight, compact, fully portable device that can be used from anaesthetics to the recovery room. The benefits of this are also economical due to the unit’s low ongoing running costs and low-energy usage.

Our team managed the project from specification writing, problem-solving and prototyping through product engineering to PCB tooling and handover to manufacture. We provided Inspiration Healthcare with an optimum development pathway, balancing cost, risk, quality and time to market, providing a scalable solution. As a medical device, this project was carried out in accordance with ISO 13485, ISO 14971 and IEC 60601. The AlphaCore⁵ had a very successful year growing sales and opportunities for Inspiration Healthcare in the UK and International markets. We continued to work with Inspiration Healthcare to add the CosyTherm2 controller to their patient warming portfolio in 2020.

Get In Touch

We worked closely with Inspiration Healthcare developing AlphaCore⁵ and also CosyTherm², as well as offering ongoing post-project support. Not only did we design the casework, electronics & software but were able to offer support during pilot builds and testing and were involved with the notified body audit. Having been part of the project from the inception, we have been easily able to revisit technical files and actively support future iterations

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