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Michelson Diagnostics - Vivosight






Michelson Diagnostics is a UK based medical device company that focuses on multi-beam Optical Coherence Tomography technology. Michelson Diagnostics develops, manufactures and markets the VivoSight multi-beam Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) scanner, a point-of-care, real-time tissue imaging device.

The Project

Michelson Diagnostics approached eg technology to undertake the aesthetic and detailed design of the product trolley and enclosure and the assembly methodology of the functional elements of the OCT system.

eg technology and Michelson Diagnostics invested time working with dermatologists, who were already using the first generation OCT system, in order to gain insight into how the machine was used and how the system could be developed to enhance the experience of both the user and the patient.





From the outset it was clear that whilst functionality was very important, the user experience could be improved. eg technology’s design team used this research to create an aesthetic concept for the enclosure to ensure that the mobility, storage and use of the new system reflected all of the requirements identified.

The VivoSight’s patented technology allows clinicians to examine the epidermis and superficial dermis layers of the skin with unprecedented resolution. The new system, VivoSight Dx, was launched at the German Society of Dermatology’s 48th Congress in April 2015.

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