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Infuse Pre-Filled Teapod



The Journey

Modern tea-brewing requires a product that gives the consumer choice, improves the ordinary cuppa and makes the most of popular luxurious teas. This stylish solution provides a little bit of theatre, an engaging user experience and a unique encapsulation of a specific brand of teas.

The theatre and ceremony of tea-making has been at the centre of many different cultures for centuries. For each tea type, parameters such as temperature, steeping time, agitation and aeration must be considered and controlled to ensure that quality is not compromised.

Infuse uses a recyclable, pre-filled teapod which is uniquely identified and read by Infuse so that the critical brewing parameters can be controlled for each tea type, every time. The single-use teapod enables each tea drinker to brew their favourite from the brand family – the right tea for the right time of day and occasion.

Drawing inspiration from historic Oriental and Bedouin tea-making cultures as well as modern, disposable coffee pods, Infuse takes the ceremony of tea-making into the 21st century. The glass teapot is filled with cold water by the consumer. The water automatically passes through a heating chamber, rising up through the expandable teapod and into the infusing chamber. Temperature and aeration are precisely controlled and after the optimum steeping time, a unique syphon system transfers the tea back into the now pre-warmed teapot.

We are developing this product independently as an eg technology product.




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