Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers solve difficult mechanical engineering challenges by developing fully operational, reliable, and cost-effective solutions. Our team are focused in their approach with versatile skill sets and have broad experience of designing intricate mechanisms, microfluidic systems, complete laboratory instruments, consumer products, dynamic systems, thermal management, production and process equipment.

Our engineers create, develop and realise concepts by carrying out numerical and virtual simulation, empirical analysis, frequent prototyping and testing, and by drawing upon their manufacturing and production knowledge to design products that our clients can release onto the market. 

insight driven process

We look at the entire project with a focus on usability, risk mitigation and feasible final manufacture. We tackle the difficult development risks first, aiming to prove design principles quickly primarily through physical prototyping and testing and risk mitigation tools such as failure mode and effect analysis. This means we understand the most complex aspects of a project early on, failing fast if necessary, which allows a smoother design-for-manufacture process and aims to avoid project overspend and delays.

We understand that different prototyping and production processes will be appropriate for different phases of a project, and that material selection, durability, accuracy and performance, must be considered accordingly. Our team use their creativity, knowledge and analytical insight to deliver the performance and durability required and crucially, our designs can be manufactured and assembled at the desired cost and quantities.


We have the in-house capability of building complex assemblies in a controlled way, should it be appropriate for a given project, as well as the knowledge and experience of much higher volume manufacture. We support our clients as they engage with local and global manufacturing partners, commission tooling, and approve parts for final assembly and release devices onto the market. 

INtegrated design solutions

We understand that working in silos isn’t efficient. That’s why our engineers aren’t confined to specialist teams, engineering specialities or types of project. We have an open working culture and believe that sharing experiences and knowledge across teams is beneficial to everything that we work on; both in terms of the quality of the ideas produced and the time and cost efficiency of the projects. Each project is different and by taking a client and project-centric approach, we can ensure that you receive a concise, yet holistic solution each and every time. Putting your programme at the centre of an integrated team enables us to offer a wide range of capabilities, across mechanical engineering, industrial design, software and electronics, over a wide range of sectors, from the medical instrumentation to consumer devices.

We work within an ISO 13485 framework to ensure any medical devices we develop are compliant with standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability within the medical sector. 


Technology Solutions


CAD (Solidworks and Creo) AFEA and simulation software


Practical modelling skills

3D printing and other rapid prototyping methods

Test rig design and development

Practical testing and analysis



Control Systems


Design for Assembly and Manufacture


Mechanism and Machine design

Optical design

Production planning

Thermal design

Structural analysis


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