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Remote Controlled Lighting Ltd specialises in the design and manufacture of easy-to-use and affordable remote-controlled spotlights. Patented technology allows lights mounted at ceiling level to be remotely repositioned, making RCL’s products ideal for ballrooms, galleries, museums and retail stores.

The Result

eg technology continues to enjoy a close working relationship with RCL. The RCL range is available direct from

Industrial Design, Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering

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"eg technology has provided us with first-class engineering design and we have been consistently impressed by the high quality of their work. It helps that they are always quick to react, deliver on time and work efficiently with our team. The fact that they are nice people to deal with is a bonus!"

Joe Ruston, RCL Ltd

Our Approach

eg technology has worked with RCL since the company was founded, designing a number of the remote-controlled spotlights in the range. In addition to providing electronics, software and mechanical engineering expertise, we have developed long-term relationships with industry suppliers and partner manufacturers. Because of this, new projects can be completed quickly and efficiently.

The Process

For example, from initial project brief to the delivery of 400 units, an entirely bespoke mechanical and electronic design commissioned by the Louis Vuitton store in the Roppongi district of Tokyo was turned around in under nine weeks.


eg also worked closely with RCL to ready the new DR9 product range for a tradeshow, which included developing the software required to make the lights compatible with their new iDirect controller app for iPad.

The Result

eg technology continues to be on hand to support RCL. The RCL range is available direct from

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Our clients tell us that we are very straightforward to work with and we enjoy long-lasting, successful working relationships as a result.

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