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Connected Devices: A guide to developing the right product

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We live in a connected world. As such, connectivity embedded within a device is now not only standard but from a user’s point of view, expected. But, with the competitiveness of the landscape and new innovations constantly emerging, it is crucial to ask the right questions about connectivity when developing a connected device:

Should my device always be connected? What are the benefits? How is data aggregated, stored, shared and managed? Should incorporating IoT be a primary focus? Furthermore, what is the IoT and is it as plain-sailing as many think?

We have created a free eBook which looks at the current ecosystem of connected device development, outlines some of the potential pitfalls and provides an explanation of how a connected device development programme should be laid out.

Within this eBook we discuss:

  • Data management and cybersecurity
  • Regulations and risk management
  • Connected medical devices
  • The cloud and IoT
  • Best practice for connected device development

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