Looking for creative and talented interns and apprentices

Every year we offer a one-year, paid internship placement to students with a ‘year in industry’ as part of their degree course. We ensure our interns are given the high level of support, mentoring, direction and feedback that they need to advance their skills and broaden their knowledge.

Our interns work on interesting and challenging projects across different teams and disciplines to ensure a full and in-depth experience, helping to secure future employment.

We are happy to receive CVs in advance of the recruitment process each year. Interviews are held in February for a start date in July.


Current Positions

UX/UI Graduate Designer

What do our interns and apprentices do?

On a placement or apprenticeship at eg technology, you will work in different project teams on a range of cutting-edge projects for our clients. You will contribute to all aspects of the project development process; project start-up meetings, brainstorming sessions, concept development, detailed design, prototyping, design for assembly and transfer to manufacture.

Our multi-disciplinary projects require a diverse range of skills and our team of industrial designers, mechanical, electronics and software engineers will give you support and direction to develop your skills in these areas and maximise your contribution. You will also have professional contact with clients, suppliers and colleagues over the course of your time with us.

What do our interns say …


Padget Avery, Bath University Electronic Engineering with Space Science and Technology MEng (Hons)

"Over my year at eg technology I was able to put into practice some of the theory I was taught during my first two years at university and in addition to this I also learnt a lot of new practical skills. I participated in a wide range of projects and tasks within the software and electronics teams, such as high level software, electronics design or embedded software. Working within a small company has meant that I have been more involved in the projects, such as taking part in group and client meetings. Working at eg technology has really helped me to build my confidence in my work."


Alex Vescio, Northumbria University, Product Design Engineering (BSc Hons)

“From the very start I was fully included in a range of projects, taking part in brainstorming sessions, concept sketching and prototyping as well as business trips for client meetings. Allowing me to work on live projects provided me with independence and the ability to be proactive and self-motivating whilst having knowledgeable, experienced people at hand to guide me when necessary.”


Scott Virgo, Loughborough University, Industrial Design and Technology (BA Hons)

“I was able to develop my skills and become fully involved, working on projects across the whole spectrum and gaining insight on how mechanical and electrical engineers work together. I was able to review the design process of a particularly complicated problem with the confidence that I would have expected to have only after working in industry for a considerable time.”

On completing his degree, Scott returned to eg as a full time permanent employee.


Ollie Croft, Loughborough University, Industrial Design and Technology (BA Hons)

“Reviewing 3D printed parts and getting hands-on with putting them together, or seeing your product go live on a client’s website is not only a really rewarding moment, but also a direct result of my involvement in the design process. Being given ownership of my projects not only helped me improve my general design skills and knowledge, it also expanded my project management and presentation skills.”

On completing his degree, Ollie returned to eg as a full time permanent employee.