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Developing an IVD device for clinical efficiency


Jupiter Diagnostics


Jupiter Diagnostics wished to develop a point-of-care device to give out-of-hospital clinicians access to reliable, timely blood tests, allowing them to diagnose and treat patients faster.

Initially focused on use in fertility clinics, Jupiter had developed the capability to measure up to eight analytes using fluorescence detection and required an instrument to automate & commercialise the process. Developing this new technology would provide a route-to-market for Jupiter Diagnostics and give clinicians access to high-quality, affordable blood testing anywhere.

“EU health systems waste over £3bn a year due to delayed treatment & diagnosis, caused by the slow process of sending patients samples to a lab.” 

The Challenge

Jupiter Diagnostics specified a portable, hand-held, rechargeable device, which required minimal intervention from the operator. Ease of use and clear, easy-to-interpret results, delivered within 10 minutes were a necessity. The device needed to be aesthetically pleasing and functional, whilst never sacrificing the accuracy of the test. eg were asked to design the device to a target BOM cost.

“EU health systems waste over £3bn a year due to delayed treatment & diagnosis, caused by the slow process of sending patients’ samples to a lab.”

Portable, handheld, rechargeable device. Easy to use with minimal operator intervention | Ability to deliver accurate pathology lab performance results in 10 minutes | Compliant to medical standard ISO 13485

Our Approach

Our team employed a cross-discipline approach for this project to develop the software, electronics and mechanics concurrently, whilst working collaboratively with Jupiter Diagnostics. We employed a phased schedule of work, allowing us to detail cost and lead times, mitigating risk and financial implications for the client and giving them the ability to consistently feedback to potential investors. Regular and open communications were integral to ensuring that the project remained flexible, any issues were discussed and resolved under joint agreement and we remained completely responsive to the client’s needs.


Image capture, temperature control and mechanism control were required, but we also applied some advanced techniques for image processing. We implemented a novel algorithm to piece together several images with different exposures and lighting levels, in order to increase the dynamic range by several orders of magnitude.

We chose to keep the cost and complexity of the drawer mechanism low and deal with the inevitable variation in cartridge positioning in software. We implemented registration and image processing algorithms to match the images of the cartridge to predefined CAD models in order to very accurately determine the positions of the chemistry on the cartridge.

Our Results

We were successful in creating a unit which fully met Jupiter Diagnostic’s specifications, was within budget & was aesthetically pleasing. We also ensured the functionality & accuracy of the fluorescence test was never compromised.

We implemented a straightforward graphical user interface with a web service to allow clinicians remote and secure data access. Developed with the needs of the market in mind, our team managed the project from specification writing, problem solving and prototyping through product engineering to injection moulding, PCB tooling and handover to manufacture. Full accountability & traceability was delivered under ISO 13485.

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It was a pleasure working on this project. I am incredibly proud of how our team of engineers worked collaboratively with Jupiter to provide an integrated device, which perfectly complimented their chemistry

Danny GodfreyDirector & Founder | eg technology

At Jupiter, we needed to develop a complex diagnostic reader in a short timeframe with a partner who understood our needs as a small company. eg technology proved to be the right choice. The team was flexible and highly responsive, acting as a knowledgeable extension to Jupiter’s own R&D team. I would work with eg again without hesitation

Dr. Chris BallCEO | Jupiter Diagnostics

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