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EMS Physio LTD - Primo Ultrasound Unit


EMS Physio is a leading supplier of physiotherapy products. EMS understood that to retain their competitive edge, existing successful products needed to be re-energised to increase the visual appeal to customers whilst maintaining clinical performance. eg technology was briefed by EMS to develop a new product image and casing for the Primo Ultrasound range, improving ergonomics and usability whilst reducing the manufacturing cost.

The Challenge

EMS previously offered their Primo ultrasound, stimulation and combination therapy units in a custom, uniform casework. In a very competitive physiotherapy device market some of EMS’ larger, multinational competitors were introducing ranges of stylish-looking products that were making Primo look outdated. EMS approached eg technology to create a more appealing design.


Our Approach

Our Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design team employed a cross-discipline approach for this project, whilst working collaboratively with EMS Physio’s team. The design team began the process by understanding how physiotherapists used the equipment. This enabled the visual concept for the main unit and the transducer handles to be driven from the customers’ viewpoint. Initial concepts were designed and approved, then computer rendered photorealistic visualisations were produced.

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Our Results

Foam, plaster and stereolithography models were created for the detailed design phase to ensure comfortable ergonomics of the transducer handle and the fit/function of the casework parts. The detailed manufacturing documentation required to ensure seamless and rapid transfer to manufacture was then produced. The finished products are on the market and sales have markedly increased.

eg technology are ISO 13485 accredited. We put rigorous quality management at the centre of everything we do, providing our clients with the compliance to standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability.

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