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eg technology partner with the University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division on their “Experts in Residence” scheme

eg technology are pleased to join the coveted University of Oxford ‘Experts in Residence’ scheme, managed by the Translational Research Office, the Business Partnerships Office and Oxford University Innovation. The scheme has been established in order to give Oxford’s research community access to world-leading expertise and advice across multiple industry sectors. Scientists can arrange meetings with industry experts to discuss their ideas and projects with no strings attached. The expectation is that access to specialist advice and support will help scientists develop the translational strategy for their projects/technologies.

eg technology, a Cambridge-based product design engineering and development consultancy, specialise in taking medical devices and biotech systems from concept to realisation, bridging the gap between clinical innovation and market-ready products. With in-house expertise in software, electronics and mechanical engineering as well as industrial design, human factors, quality assurance and project management, the partnership with eg provides access to a full spectrum of specialist knowledge in the key areas of product design and development within the MedTech sector.

The team at eg have extensive experience in taking medical devices from initial concepts to market-ready products, within an ISO 13485 quality management framework. We understand the importance of growing our partner network and have worked with numerous incubators and accelerators to support in a mentoring capacity. We are proud to join the ‘experts in residence’ scheme and are grateful for our partnership with the University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division, through which we will continue to support scientists in realising their innovations.

Rouzet AgailbyHead of Business Development, EG Technology

We are thrilled to have eg technology on board of the scheme. Discussions with an expert in residence at an early stage of product development are critical to set the project on the right path. Translational Research requires a broad set of skills, and the experts in residence are helping our research community planning ahead for success, building awareness and setting clear expectations for their projects.

Dr Anne-Sopie SchillingerTranslational Research Manager, University of Oxford, Medical Sciences Division

For more information on getting your technology or ideas to market, or to chat with one of the eg team about your product design and development requirements, please get in touch:

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