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egt partners with Ablatus following £1M Innovate UK grant

3rd November 2020

eg technology are pleased to continue our ongoing partnership with Cambridge-based Ablatus Therapeutics, to help develop their novel minimally invasive treatment for soft tissue tumours.

Having recently been awarded over £1M by the UK government, our partnership with Ablatus and Addenbrooke’s hospital will focus on developing the prototype device into a final version for use in patients for the first time. The award will fund the 2-year project and enable Ablatus to push forward with gathering essential clinical data needed for CE mark and commercial launch.

The device uses Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA), an energy-based alternative to open surgery that offers a novel, cost-effective and efficient approach to destroying abnormal tissue, such as tumours, in situ and without major surgery. Commenting on the award for Ablatus, Chief Medical Officer and Interim CEO Dr Natalie Hayes said “this is an enormous opportunity for Ablatus to build on the important work we have already done to complete development of what could be a game-changing treatment for patients with tumours. We are especially pleased to be able to bring this exciting new technology to local patients here in Cambridge when we start our first clinical study in Addenbrooke’s Hospital.” Ablatus Chairman Dr Bill Allan said “this second Innovate UK award for Ablatus in partnership with egt emphasises the significance of this technology in improving outcomes for large numbers of patients and is a fantastic endorsement of the promise that BETA technology has for these groups.”

eg technology Director, David Warwick says:

“We are pleased to be working with Ablatus and the team at Addenbrooke’s to deliver this ground breaking project. Combining our complete, proven product development process with our experience of turning clinical and lab-based research in to medical devices, will enable our team of engineers to leverage their expertise to develop a prototype device and create a certified product ready for commercial launch”. 


About Ablatus

Ablatus Therapeutics Ltd is developing a medical device designed to provide a minimally-invasive, energy-based alternative to open surgery; Bimodal Electric Tissue Ablation (BETA) offers a novel, cost-effective and efficient approach to destroying tissue, such as tumours, in situ, without major surgery.

This new platform technology has a wide range of surgical indications in large and growing markets including oncology and non-oncology applications. Due to BETA’s unique features, it has the potential to treat patients not currently offered traditional ablation treatment, in a shorter time frame, and with better clinical outcomes. Cancer is the second leading cause of death globally, accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths in 2018 and this burden continues to grow, placing significant financial strain on health systems, and emotional and physical strain on patients and families. The development of BETA helps to address these serious issues with a simple, cost-effective treatment for a large range of potential indications.


About eg technology

eg technology are a product engineering design and development specialist based in Cambridge UK. We create the next generation of medical devices and consumer products, making a positive difference to how people live. eg has a great track of delivering inspiring and marketable products across a wide range of market sectors. We know how to make things work. Specialising in industrial and mechanical design, human factors, electronic and software engineering, project management and quality assurance, eg technology is ISO 13485 accredited and provide our clients with the compliance to standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability.