Developing Careers

We are keen to employ staff at the early stage of their careers. We have a great track record of guiding and supporting our staff in their chosen career paths, helping them to develop their skills and knowledge which ultimately contributes to the success of the company. Because we are a small company, employees have the opportunity to expand their knowledge from their chosen field and become involved in all aspects of growing a business.

We like to keep our staff. Appointments are made carefully with the aim of supporting and retaining our employees. We listen to what you want to do and how you want to grow.  Career progression, personal development and staff wellbeing are all high on our list of priorities. 

If you can’t see any opportunities on our website that you feel are suited to you, but you have skills and strengths that you think would be a match for us, please send in your CV and covering letter to We don’t want to miss out on a great employee. 

What our staff say…

"I really enjoy working at EG Technology. We get to work on some really interesting projects mostly in the medical sector, which I love. We work with a lot of innovative start-up companies, so we get to see all sorts of new and breakthrough technologies that are aiming to reach the market. The work is really varied, challenging and interesting.

My role is as a design engineer focused on usability and human factors engineering. This means I get the privilege of gaining insights from potential clinicians and other users that may use the devices, to ensure that what we design meets user needs and is safe to use in the intended clinical settings. I am also involved with designing and testing the user interface of these devices.

EG is such a friendly and relaxed place to work, thanks to Danny and Andrew who value a work-life balance. We have a really co-operative and collaborative team here and that relationship also extends to our clients."
Bec Wilkins, Design Engineer

"I’ve been at EG for over 10 years and have worked on an extensive range projects in the medical, bio-tech/laboratory and consumer sectors. Given my passion for industrial design I’m involved a lot in the early stages of many of these projects, helping clients define what their product should be, developing concept options, executing the design engineering work and finally making it into a reality. It’s incredibly satisfying to see products that we design launch in the marketplace, and that happens a lot at EG.

During my EG career I’ve developed my industrial design, mechanical design engineering and broader business skills extensively. I’ve progressed up the business into a group leader role (design and mechanical engineering group) and now enjoy having a lot of involvement and responsibility in business activities, the sales process and project management in addition to ‘real’ design work on projects. I stay in touch with my design roots by handling a lot of EG’s visual output too.

In summary, EG is a fantastic place to work and I’m looking forward to that continuing. Our team consists of inspiring individuals who collectively tick all the right product development boxes which we are proud of. We also manage to strike an excellent balance between working hard on interesting projects and enjoying our time together as mates inside and outside of work."
Russ Farn, Group Lead for Mechanical Design

"I worked at EG technology as an intern during the “year in industry” part of my industrial design degree course. On completing my degree in 2016, I was invited to join EG as a permanent employee. Since then I have worked on over 30 projects with a range of clients; from start-ups to large multi-nationals on a range of products from medical instruments to consumer products. This diversity across projects, clients and disciplines within the company promotes collaborative working on a daily basis with talented engineers; often providing the entire product solution in-house.

During the last few years I have developed my industrial design, mechanical knowledge and broader skills such as managing areas of projects and overseeing our internal prototyping facilities. Working within an ISO 13485 accredited management system ensures controlled and concise development process, and the way that our design processes are defined here at EG, this does not hinder the creativity on projects.

Relocating to our barn conversion brought some big advantages. Our outside space houses a climbing wall, slackline and ping pong facilities! And we are surrounded by views of open fields, with access to running and cycling routes.

As EG continues to grow in size, the knowledge, expertise, workspace and bicycle racks are also growing at a healthy rate! I am very excited for the future at EG."
Scott Virgo, Design Engineer

What our clients say...