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Our Industrial design team put the user at the centre of our product design and development process to make remarkable products. Understanding the requirements of the people who use products allows our designers to explore opportunities and refine features that lead to products being more desirable, efficient, effective and safe. At eg, we strive to maximise the appeal, usability and performance of the products that we design by following a proven industrial design process that gives them every chance of success in the marketplace. 

programme management

By gaining insight into product users, emotional and practical requirements, performance expectations and the marketplace, we are able to formulate a user requirements specification which details the needs and wishes of all stakeholders of a final system. This is a foundation upon which we can then explore functionality, form, materials, performance, brand integration, and sustainability in an end-to-end design programme. The practical experience and pragmatism of our engineers ensure that design for manufacture, assembly, and cost are considered from the outset too.

Gaining a full picture of the product, and how and where it is used, is hugely important in the design process, especially with medical devices. Medical devices range from single-use mouldings to complex electromechanical assemblies that have to perform flawlessly with, or in, the human body. As such material selection is critical in this sector and we are able to specify materials with appropriate biocompatibility requirements, disposal requirements and those that can cope with repeated aggressive sterilisation processes. We work within an ISO 13485 framework to ensure any medical devices we develop are compliant with standards for safety, quality, risk management and traceability within the medical sector.

forward thinking

We understand that ‘extensibility’ is also a key consideration in the design process for many of our clients and our engineers will provision for this; which sometimes means designing a product with modularity in mind to ensure future iterations and functionality can be easily incorporated. Our team extend their involvement to support our clients once their product has been transferred to manufacture and will work with them on any iterative work going forward.  

Technology solutions 

We design across a range of platforms, technology and integrations and our refined development processes involve user insight techniques and testing, concept development, prototyping and feedback. This includes concept sketches, storyboard illustrating, 3D concept modelling and photorealistic renderings through to model making, rapid prototyping and practical testing. We also undertake graphical user interface design and integration of brand identity, as well as creating product graphics and peripheral design elements such as labelling and packaging designs. 

Technology solutions

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