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How to prepare your Medical Device or IVD for clinical evaluation

In this webinar, we put together the various pieces of the product development puzzle and give an overview of what you need to do prior to clinical evaluation.

During this webinar, you will learn about the process of getting a product to market and details best-practice within the design and development of medical devices and InVitro Diagnostic devices.

For more information on getting your product to market or to chat with one of our team about your product design and development requirements, please contact us:

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Robust Project Management Frameworks

Project management is key to ensuring that we deliver your products on time and within budget. Setting out a clear product design programme enables us to identify and consider all elements of the design process and how these could affect the timeframe to getting your product to market.

Careful consideration and analysis of the risks to a project ensures that we can achieve your objectives. Identifying possible risks early in the product design process will enable you to make stakeholders and investors aware of any additional costs or delays that they could cause.

We have a proven track record of excellent project management and strong programme structures that we have developed and refined to ensure the viability and success of projects.

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Predicting Problems in Diagnostics Development

We’ve created a free e-book to help you identify areas of concern within your diagnostic development programme, learn how to define a strategy for success & create a streamlined route to market

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