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Predicting problems in diagnostics development

“70% of clinical decisions are influenced by the use of an IVD device”


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With the increased market need for diagnostic devices and the consequent requirement for an expedited development pathway, it is inevitable that many innovations will stumble upon unidentified pitfalls within their development, hindering their route to market. So, how do you diagnose the gaps in your development programme?

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What will you learn?

  • Identify common pitfalls and omissions in development programmes
  • Highlight why risk mitigation & device classification are so important
  • Create a suggested blueprint for the smoothest route to market

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About eg technology

We are a product engineering development company based in Cambridge, UK. Originally founded in 2002 by Andrew Ede and Danny Godfrey (the E and the G of eg technology), the company has grown organically and profitably and is now a thriving company with almost 40 employees. Our vision is to continue to grow and to become the chosen product development company by clients and employees alike.