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SaMD & Software Design For Medical Devices

eg technology & the NiHR Surgical MIC co-host this workshop on Software Design for Medical Devices.

Watch as eg director, David Warwick gives an overview of medical device classification, software safety classification, international standards and the role of IEC 62304. This includes an update on the latest developments in the regulatory approach to Machine Learning and AI as part of a medical device.

The workshop also provides some real-world examples in the application of the software development process and what it actually means for the engineers and managers working on the project, rather than just a trawl through the standards. Watch now!

Advanced Integrated Software Solutions

At eg, we understand that in product design and development, a cross-discipline approach is often necessary. This is why our team of software engineers work collaboratively with our electronics and mechanical engineers, to provide you with an integrated, end-to-end service, where software and hardware work concurrently. We view each project holistically and deliver robust, reliable software solutions that meet your requirements of functionality, cost and timescale.

Our software team contains a remarkable breadth of experience, spanning the consumer, medical & in-vitro diagnostics, biotech, robotics, lab automation & test, vetcare, cleantech and industrial sectors, with specialist expertise in embedded microcontroller firmware, control, image acquisition and analysis, audio, connected devices, AI, Bluetooth, 3D graphics, User Interface design and cloud integration.

We can provide you with advanced solutions in algorithm development, embedded firmware, OS development and creating applications for PCs, mobile devices, web and cloud platforms.

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Predicting Problems in Diagnostics Development

We’ve created a free e-book to help you identify areas of concern within your diagnostic development programme, learn how to define a strategy for success & create a streamlined route to market

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