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eg technology is collaborating with Anglia Ruskin University to offer a 4 year software degree.

eg technology is working with Anglia Ruskin University (ARU) to offer a four-year software degree apprenticeship based jointly in their Cambridge offices and at ARU.

eg technology has a track record of developing talent in-house, having offered year-long placements to undergraduate students for many years, many of whom have subsequently become full-time employees.

Degree apprenticeships offer a new route through higher education, providing a more industry-focussed experience when compared to a more traditional University degree whilst maintaining a high level of academic rigour. Successful candidates will receive a wide range of hands-on experience across the technical disciplines and will contribute to company activities soon after starting.

Students will therefore gain valuable and relevant work experience at the same time as achieving a university degree, giving them the advantage of being able to offer immediate impact to future employers from graduation.

Students who apply for this role will gain a BSc (hons) Degree Apprenticeship in Digital & Technology Solutions over a four year period. The apprenticeship will start in August 2018 and will be based at eg technology’s Cambridge offices whilst studying part-time at Anglia Ruskin University. For more information, please click here.

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