Case Study

Alertme – Smart Home Monitoring System


AlertMe designed and manufactured innovative remote home security and energy monitoring equipment. Since this project, British Gas acquired AlertMe and re-branded the service as “Hive”, spearheading their connected homes initiative in the UK and worldwide, in a deal worth £65m.

The Project

AlertMe approached eg technology to develop the industrial and mechanical design of their rapidly expanding product and service range.

They wished to expand their product range and service offerings to improve the security and energy monitoring experiences for their customers. New products needed to be brought to market quickly and manufactured efficiently in high volumes.

We redesigned the whole product range to incorporate shared parts with a much more refined design for manufacture and a high-end consumer product feel.

Mechanical Engineering | Industrial Design | Innovation | Award Winning

Our Results

eg worked closely with the AlertMe team to explore potential new additions to their product range, and then fully develop the industrial and mechanical designs. We developed 10 products in the AlertMe range, along with the associated packaging, helping to make them an attractive acquisition for British Gas.

Products designed by us for AlertMe have been recognised with a Design Week award and a Shell Springboard award.

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