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It is with great pleasure that we announce the promotion of Paul Edmondson and Rouzet Agaiby to the position of Director.

Paul and Rouzet will join the eg technology board of directors, who are responsible for the strategic direction of the company as well as overseeing, planning and managing the implementation of daily operations. The board is also accountable to the employee ownership trust.

Paul has been with eg technology since 2007. He spent ten years as Electronics Group Lead and was appointed as an Associate Director in 2021. Drawing on more than 25 years’ experience in industry, he provides input into business strategy and high-level operational decisions to develop internal capabilities and external partnerships.

Rouzet joined eg as Head of Business Development in 2019 and was also appointed as an Associate Director in 2021. For the past four years, she has been responsible for developing business opportunities in new and existing markets, helping clients to articulate their ideas and understand the processes involved in turning them into real, marketable products. Rouzet drives the strategic direction that underpins the growth of eg technology. She oversees business development, sales and marketing activities, including lead generation and client relationship management.

The past few years have seen continued growth for eg, with over 50 staff now employed. The board of eg was expanded beyond founders Andrew Ede and Danny Godfrey in 2019 with the appointment of David Warwick and Helen Coppen as Directors. In March 2023, the ownership of the business was transferred to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).

David Warwick said:

“Paul and Rouzet are excellent additions to eg’s board of directors. Their commitment to delivering successful projects for our clients whilst maintaining the steady growth of eg is key to our continued success, and their appointments will allow all at eg to benefit from their strategic insights. This is a fantastic example of people progressing within eg and we are looking forward to exciting years ahead.”

Read more about the eg team and learn about our ethos here.

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Lois Dixon – Marketing Manager

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