We have listed some frequently asked questions below. If you don't find the answer you're looking for, please contact us.

Our team has extensive and varied experience from a range of industries and sectors. We believe that we offer at least as good a service and give a more personal and dedicated approach. We have an agile way of managing projects and can respond quickly to your needs. There are many areas in which we excel, but if you approach us with something that we do not feel we can help with, we will be honest about this; it does our reputation no good to pretend we can do everything.

We don't have A- and B-Teams; all our engineers are competent. While we can’t make a cast-iron guarantee, we try to make sure that the people you first meet are those who you will subsequently work with. It is very important that our engineers understand your requirements, and we'd like them to hear directly from you.

We value the career progression of our engineers and while we want to give junior staff every opportunity to progress and take responsibility, we never leave them to work on their own. All work in each discipline, whether it is done by an intern or the group lead, is reviewed at key stages. Any interns and junior staff are closely mentored to ensure the quality of their work as well as their continuing professional development. 

We plan our projects very carefully using a clear resource management system and regularly review everything at a company-wide level. We always include an expected start date based on current resourcing in our proposals. We will communicate with you often, and when we commit to your project we will have assigned the appropriate engineers for its duration. We want our “smaller” clients to succeed and turn into the “bigger” clients of tomorrow.

No. This 'loss-leader' approach helps no-one, so we never do it. Many of our clients are at the start of their development programme and need to know the true cost of their project in order to take it to their investors or apply for funding. We try to offer a well-thought-out work programme and realistic cost estimate so that the right funding can be put in place. We can often tailor a work programme to fit with existing funding, and this can mean that an early phase is short and low-cost to hit a particular milestone. But we want you to be fully aware of the true cost of getting a product all the way to market, because that is the goal that we care about. We try to go further and use our experience to highlight the bigger picture around regulatory approvals and compliance testing, which often seem distant while thinking about concepts. Where possible, we give an indication of the expected scope of future phases in our proposals, and we will always try to de-risk projects early and before spending significant money so that you can plan effectively.