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At eg technology we love to support Internship Programmes & thank you to everyone that attended.

We had a really fantastic response to our 2019/2020 internship recruitment opportunity with 94 applications from 22 universities around the UK. Our recruitment process is very carefully considered as interns can potentially be offered full-time employment when they complete their degrees. We were delighted to have successfully made appointments who will be working closely with our electronics team on a wide range of interesting and challenging projects.

eg technology are keen to support Internship Programmes as part of a university degree course. Internships are key to building knowledge, skills and experiences in real life industry setting, enabling students to put into practice the theory they are learning as part of their course. This type of experience makes interns ultimately more attractive to employers at the end of their degree course.

For more information on how eg technology can support your career development please contact us

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