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Advanced electronics solutions

Our team of talented electronics engineers have expertise in a wide range of market sectors including medical devices, consumer products, industrial automation and IoT devices. We undertake analogue and digital electronic design from system-level specifications down to detailed component-level circuit design.

With experience in areas such as microfluidic control, user interfaces, IoT and connected devices, biochemical and physiological sensing and FPGA and microcontroller designs, we know how to bring your product to life. Our engineers offer bespoke electronics solutions, or developments that integrate off the shelf components according to the scope of the project.

end to end approach

Whether starting from scratch or further developing an existing prototype for transfer to manufacture, our team of engineers are skilled at assessing problems and delivering end-to-end solutions that meet cost, performance and regulatory requirements. We can take you through prototyping stages with in-house and external manufacturing support, to help you reach the goal of a robust pre-production design, and to support you with transfer to manufacture and formal regulatory testing.

Our integrated development process means that risk assessments, mechanical constraints, software integration, user requirements, international safety standards and the eventual working environment all influence the design decisions made by our electronics engineers, reducing risk, time to market and, ultimately, overall cost.

Regulated to ISO13485.

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