User-Centred Design & Human Factors

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User-Centred Design & Human Factors

User-Centred Design is an integral aspect of each of our development programmes. By incorporating data and an explicit understanding of the user, tasks and environment into our product design and development programmes, we are able to create products that meet requirements and are safe and effective to use.

Human Factors

The eg technology approach to usability and human factors is to develop medical devices that are inherently safe to use by design where possible, to enhance the user experience with the device while meeting the regulatory and commercial needs of our clients, in accordance with IEC 62366. Our human factors engineers are not only well versed in the processes required by the relevant standards and regulatory bodies in order to ensure medical devices are demonstrably safe and effective, but also in integrating this across the full spectrum of your development schedule. 

Data Driven process

We understand the importance of gaining insight early by conducting thorough primary research and formative studies into your development programme. The resulting assumptions, issues, risks and requirements are then identified, challenged and factored into our development programmes from the offset, mitigating the impact on budget and timelines.

Through primary contextual research we aim to build a qualitative picture of the user requirement, by identifying user motivations, goals, tasks, capabilities and limitations. The voice of the customer then feeds into the product requirements and early-stage prototypes, which are then tested, verified and validated against the requirements.

End-to-end, integrated solution

Our flexible programmes offer an end-to-end solution, cycling through use risk assessment and risk management phases. Although our user research and risk analysis are front loaded, both are consistently revisited and reviewed throughout the full programme. By moving through prototyping phases in-house, we are able to assess the areas of highest risk before moving towards the goal of a robust and fully tested pre-production design, ready for transfer to manufacture. Our human factors experts are also engineers; their technical experience and understanding of the development process ensures there is a focus on driving forward the user requirements, creating an integrated, user-centric approach while meeting technical constraints. Although they work closely with the project managers, our human factors team operates independently to the design teams, to remove potential bias within processes and programmes. 

Human Factors Phases

User Research

Usability Risk Analysis

User Interface Specification

User Interface Evaluation Plan

User Interface Design

Formative Usability Testing

Summative Usability Evaluation

Usability Engineering Documentation


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