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We’re obsessed with development – not just products, also our people!

Development is what we do; and I would go as far as saying, we are very good at it. Experts in fact. We have a team of highly skilled, innovative engineers who live and breathe design and development and know how to make things work. But our obsession with development doesn’t stop at products…we are also obsessed with developing our people.

We simply don’t like to stand still at eg. Which is a good job, as our surrounding tech landscape is evolving continuously. Our team has an extremely varied skillset, which enables us to keep our expertise in house and tackle an array of developmental obstacles. However, this expertise isn’t purchased off the shelf; it is learnt, nurtured and shared. Within eg, working together as a team is integral; we share our ideas, expertise and knowledge across disciplines to ensure that every project receives multiple viewpoints and is addressed from every angle. Any member of the eg team showing interest or expertise across disciplines will have their interests nurtured and developed if they wish. Continued professional development is high on our agenda as it keeps our team at the leading edge of advances and developments, but also ensures our clients are receiving the most knowledgeable engineers within their disciplines.

However, it is not only our existing team members whose skillset (and careers) we are interested in developing. Each year we welcome university students, as part of their year in industry. During their placement, they work on interesting and challenging projects across different teams and disciplines to ensure a full and in-depth experience, where they will be given a high level of support, mentoring, direction and feedback in order to advance their skills and broaden their knowledge; standing them in good stead to secure future employment after the completion of their university course.

This month, Matt Jackson, our Electronics Engineering intern for the past 12 months, goes back to the University of Sheffield and Emma Reece joins us from the University of Leeds, as our Mechanical/Industrial Design Intern for the next year.

As part of his internship, Matt, an MEng Aerospace Engineering student, supported our electronics team and was immersed in a number of individual projects where he learnt about applied electronic hardware development, detailed design, schematic entry, PCB layout, prototyping and transfer to manufacture tasks, amongst a plethora of other life and work skills.

On the other hand, Emma, who is two years in to her BSc in Product Design, will be supporting the aesthetic development, concept development, detail design, prototyping and transfer to manufacture of individual projects, whilst undertaking mechanical & industrial design, working within an ISO13485 quality management system. Practical skills which are integral in the developmental workflow.

Emma Reece

The job market for graduating students is highly competitive and this ‘on the job learning’ and work-related experience is invaluable and hugely important to future employers. In fact, we, at eg, have employed five of our past interns, when they went on to graduate. The intern scheme is something we are very proud of, despite making many of us feel extremely old (“are you sure you were born in the year 2000?” is often heard echoing through the office) and who better to sum it up, than Matt Jackson, who has recently completed his electronics internship with us:

During my time at eg, I was able to develop both my technical knowledge and professional skills working on a wide variety of projects. I consolidated learning from a combination of my previous three years of university and personal projects undertaken, utilising and expanding upon a range of skills from the design stage right through to the debug of electronic systems. In conjunction, I gained insight into the processes at eg that allow them to consistently deliver successful projects. Working within a small company enabled me to take a degree of responsibility on projects and dealings with clients, beyond what I might have expected from a placement; with the guidance of the talented and approachable group of people at eg, who also made for a thoroughly enjoyable and supportive working environment.

Matt Jackson

So, as more and more universities seem to be offering vocational and industry-based courses, we are excited to see what new and diverse skills our interns bring to eg technology each year as we continue on our journey of ongoing development.

For more information, to chat to one of our team about your device product design and development project, or if you would like to become part of the team at eg technology, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

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